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newest in the team

Welcome, @jxkeefinch
A young driver with massive potential to be one of the fastest drivers in the F1 eSports scene. We are extremely happy to have Jake join the team and see what new found success will come his way!
Welcome, @JeroenMulle
Jeroen is one of the most talented graphics designers in the community, with high-end technical ability and boundless creativity. We are very excited to see the amazing creations he will be bringing to the team!

HOT  HOT  HOT  lap

Liam and Tom Roberts

Canada World Record 1:07.415

"Not bad on rubbish PC" Tom Manley
WHAT will he drive if he had a good one ???


Matthew Alder continues an incredible career, as he wins a dramatic @PremierSimGL
Playstation F1 title battle! #DriveFearless

incredible !!!!!!


wins season 12 of WOR XBF1 after a truly dominating performance all year. We couldn't be more happy too see Tom excelling at the top level of XBOX F1 Pro-AM eSports. Congratulations to him on an excellent season!

He did it again

wins the Xbox Challenger Series in Event 5
Tom Manley - or driver in green
"2 poles converted into 2 wins in Event 5 of Challengers meaning I take the championship, GG to everyone for the great races and let’s have a fun final event "

more than deserved

Pro Exhibition - Massive thank you to @Formula1game
and their staff for giving us tickets for the full Silverstone GP, among other activities as well. See the other 29 of you there

There are still Xbox spots available Apply to info@parnellracing.com

please also read the "Recruitment" tab beforehand

So proud...PSGL PC

Results from Brazil: @WORleague
XB T1 : @TomManley_  Q: P3 R: P1
PS T1 : @Blizard53
Q: P12 R: P4 @PremierSimGL
PS T2 : @TomRoberts_12 Q: P1 R: P1
Congrats to @TomRoberts_12
who won the championship with that win Good job boys

Banishing fear

We continue to #DriveFearless to be the absolute best. Sweep aside fear, and nothing can stand in YOUR way of joining us on the podium.

super low fps / stutter issue in f1 22

Fix for everyone that has the super low fps / stutter issue in f1 22: 1. Disconnect your loadcell cable from your pc 2. Connect your pedals to the wheelbase 3. Restart Pc and Wheel 4. Go in F1 and rebind the throttle and brake pedal This should make the game normal again

F1  22
Is out since July 1 2022!

Gamers, sim racers and fans alike, rejoice – F1 22 isn’t far away! EA SPORTS F1 22, the official Formula 1 game developed by Codemasters and EA SPORTS, will hit stores and online marketplaces on Friday July 1, around the world.

Boasting plenty of new features, and the incredible new 2022-spec F1 cars, F1 22 will be a game that plays like no other. Whether you’re joining the grid as the 11th squad in My Team, chasing world records in Time Trial, or battling with fellow racers in Multiplayer, there’s something to suit everyone!

The search for our next digital superstar never stops