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F1 Esports Challengers Series 2023

PC Jack West PC Alessio di Capua PC Bence Szabó-Konyi PC István Puki PC Támás Gal (Reserve) XB Jack Lanning (not participating due to school) XB Toby Brookes XB Dennis Micklei (Reserve) XB Miko Hautajoki (Reserve) PS Jack H (not participating due to location, will do the DHL Time Trial instead)

Within one week, @IstvanPuki7
went from being relatively unknown to a race winner in the top F1 22 league racing communities, defeating big-name F1 Esports drivers.   Read more!

 https://bit.ly/3kTNPIE. @Parnell_Racing


What is going on here ?

Istvan Puki’s results in the last 4 days:   WOR PC T1 — P1  PSGL PC F1 — P1 Istvan managed to win the race in the highest tier of the best F1 22 leagues!  We are very proud of your performance lately Istvan, keep it up!

Confirmed teams for S1 of E-Series

We are thrilled that we have qualified for the biggest event on F1 22 to date!  Yesterday Boualem Ferah and Istvan Puki did an amazing job to put us in third position.  We are looking forward to race against the best F1 22 Esports teams.

our drivers at PSGL E series

Boualem Ferah und Istvan Puki

Parnell Racing is very proud to have 4 drivers who provisionally qualified for the F1 Esports Challengers Series this year

Alessio di Capua
Istvan Puki
Jack Lanning  and  Jack West

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our graphics and poster designer:

Parnell Racing is proud to announce the new brand that will be used from now on.  We are very excited about what the future of Parnell Racing holds.

Parnell Racing is proud to announce that we will start recruiting PlayStation and XBOX drivers! We are looking to expand our roster with some new additions, if you think you got what it takes check the comments to see how to apply.

To apply to be a driver you can contact one of our managers, @liamparnell02
& @leorizzuto17
are the people to contact. You can also join our Discord server and contact a manager there by sending a manager a Discord DM.

Discord: https://discord.gg/KpzHtBHP2z

second manager...
help where is needed

Parnell Racing welcomes Leo Rizzuto as a new Team Manager! Leo's knowledge and experience he brings to the team is great so we are looking forward to exciting times ahead!

our new X Box manager

We are very excited to announce that Dennis Micklei, better known as "Ceasar" has joined the team as our Xbox Manager.  Dennis has shown at FRA Esports that he is a great manager and we are very happy to welcome him into the team today

our new Playstation Manager


Parnell Racing is delighted to welcome Milan into the team as PlayStation manager! Milan has shown what he is capable of at teams like FVR and WOR so we have all trust in Milan he will build a great roster!

the new ones...

I'm very happy to announce that I'm joining @Parnell_Racing
. Many thanks to @liamparnell02
for giving me this opportunity. Now let's keep pushing

Super excited to be joining @Parnell_Racing
looking forward to getting started

I'm excited to announce that I'm joining @Parnell_Racing
Thanks to @liamparnell02
for the opportunity. Can't wait to work with them all!

Parnell Racing welcomes Istvan Puki! Istvan is a very talented driver and we can't wait to work with him!

Parnell Racing welcomes Bence Szabó-Konyi! Bence is an amazing driver and we are excited to be working with him!

Parnell racing is delighted to welcome Ian van Unen into the team. Ian is a 14 year old driver with loads of potentional!

Parnell Racing is delighted to welcome Corne into the team.  Corne participated in the 2022 Challengers Series and we are going to do our very best to get into the 2023 Challengers Series as well



Parnell Racing is happy to welcome Lewis into the team.  Lewis is a PSGL F4 driver with a lot of experience and a lot of potentional.  We are excited to have you, Lewis!



Parnell Racing is very excited to announce Mal into the team.  Mal is an great driver competing in PSGL F3 and WOR T2.  Welcome to Parnell Racing, Mal!

Parnell Racing is delighted to welcome Kamil Stachura into the team.  Kamil is a 14 year old driver with a lot of potential, we are very excited to help Kamil reach his goals within F1 Esports.  Welcome to the team, Kamil!

WELCOME | @AlessioDiCapua6
Parnell Racing is thrilled to welcome Alessio di Capua to the team. Alessio won the 2020 Challenger Series on PC and was in the F1 Pro Championship during the 2021 season. We're excited to have you, Alessio!



Parnell Racing is excited to welcome Istvan Tarkany, better known as "Pisti" into the team.  Istvan will be part of the Xbox Roster, but he will also be a driver coach and an race engineer.  Welcome onboard, Istvan!

Parnell Racing is glad to welcome Oscar Syren into the team.  Oscar will join our Xbox roster, he has a lot of potential and currently competes in WOR Console Tier 2.  Welcome to Parnell Racing, Oscar!



Parnell Racing is delighted to welcome Jack Lanning into the team.  Jack will join our Xbox roster. He currently competes in WOR Con. T2, looking to join the title fight soon with 2 wins in 4 races.  Welcome to the team, Jack!

WELCOME | @TamasGal34
Parnell Racing is delighted to welcome Tamás Gál to the team!  Tamás will join our PC Roster. He won the PSGL F4 Championship last season and is looking to join F2 / F3 for #PSGLS33



I am very happy to announce that I have joined Parnell Racing! This is a huge opportunity for me and I can't wait to get started! Thanks to @MrCeasar61, @leorizzuto17
and @liamparnell02



New chapter, lot of work to be done. Lets go. Big thank you to @Parnell_Racing
for the opportunity



Let’s goo , can’t wait for what happens in future

Happy to annonce im joining @Parnell_Racing
! Looking for big things in the future with you guys

Happy to announce that I have joined with @Parnell_Racing
as the official team Photographer! Super excited for the journey ahead with a great team and an absolute pleasure to be apart of! Let's gooo!



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