19 year old dutch man -

Cearsar will take over the manager function for the X Box drivers.
He has repeatedly demonstrated his managerial talents

he qualified for XB Challengers 2023 as a reserve driver!


18 year old hungarian

I'm happy to announcce that I I have joned @Parnell_Racing
  My goal is to help everyone within the team reach their potential and succeed in their races. This opportunity gives me a chance to focus on my goals outside of F1, while I can remain a part of this community.

Very happy to have been given the opportunity to join @Parnell_Racing, looking forward to see what I can achieve with them and progress as a driver.

Thank you @leorizzuto17


Excited to announce I’ve joined @Parnell_Racing
  A new opportunity for myself and I cannot wait to work with everyone in the team to achieve our goals. Thanks to

and @liamparnell02
for the opportunity


Parnell Racing is excited to announce that Toby Brookes will join the team!  Toby will be part of our XBOX Roster. He will compete in the F1 Esports Challengers Series on XBOX this year.  Welcome to Parnell Racing, Toby


Parnell Racing is happy to welcome Miko Hautajoki to the team!  Miko is a great driver with a lot of skill and experience, and he will join our XBOX roster!


Parnell Racing is excited to announce that Pascal Senkbeil will join the team! Pascal will be part of our XBOX Roster. Welcome to Parnell Racing, Passi.