Liam Parnell

Is an F1 Esports driver and  strategist for Red Bull.
In tandem, he has been building a young team - the drivers of the future - through motivating, honing skills and sharpening reactions.
They cover all aspects of F1 Esports, from PC through Playstation to Xbox .
Here you can meet the team, follow their journey - and turbo-charge your own progress by learning from the best.


"In the beginning I mentored young drivers.  As their skills were honed, so more experienced athletes joined us."

 Today, these are the incredibly ambitious racers who comprise the troupe of Parnell Racing. We support each other, help where we can - a pool of great talent, ready to feed into contracts for the big stables

our team is rounded off with our engineers, who collect facts and data to help develop our strategies - and our graphics specialists, talented young men responsible for the incredibly beautiful images you see on this site