what are these awards and how do they come about

WOR: in the addition to Esports Formula 1 Pro series, this is one of the largest gaming leagues out there, and features a series of tiers, or levels. They are: 
Tier 1:
the top 20 drivers
Tier 2:
20 to 40
Tier 3:
....and so on
: just like WOR, PSGL is one of the biggest gaming leagues out there
Challengers from F1 Esports: From September, drivers aged 16 and over fight it out in the so-called Challengers events - a highlight of the year. Just as in the World Champion Esports Formula 1 Pro series, this is fought over 12 tracks. The top six drivers in the final ranking qualified themselves to get picked by the big F1 Esports teams.
DHL time trial: Watch out for the DHL time trials on their home page between December and March. The fastest lap drivers will be invited to a second event and the top 3 get noticed (and often selected) by the big F1 Esport teams. With the DHL time trial you can bypass the F1 Esports Challengers.

Our drivers are still young, but highly talented. We collected some again
in 2023 in order to achieve success and prizes with them...
some of them may later succeed in coming to the big esports racing teams
and supporting or driving there

blue: PC driver

light blue: Playstation driver

green: XBox driver

Fighting forward

1 year anniverary 7.1.2022
Jack is fighting his way through the WOR League to develop nerves of steel, stamina and fighting spirit.
He is one of 7 Pc drivers who can further improve with our vital coaching.

Andrés López

a new PC driver for us - welcome !

Sergio Sobrino

Parnell Racing welcomes Sergio Sobrino!

István Puki

glad to have you here ! welcome !

Bence Szabó-Kónyi

Parnell Racing welcomes Bence Szabó-Konyi!

Corné de Bakker

Parnell Racing is delighted to welcome Corne into the team

Kamil Stachura

Parnell Racing is delighted to welcome Kamil Stachura into the team

Alessio Di Capua

F1 2020 Challenger champion
Parnell Racing is thrilled to welcome Alessio di Capua to the team

Tamás Gal

he won the PSGL F4 Championship 2022

Welcome, Tamás!

Tamas qualified as a reserve driver in F1 Esports challengers 2023

Andrey Tarabukin

Andrey will be a part of our PC Roster. He competes in PSGL PC F2 & WOR PC T1!

Lewis Curtis
Playstation driver

We are excited to have you, Lewis!

Mal De Dinca
Playstation driver

Parnell Racing is very excited to announce Mal into the team

Jack Humphreys

a bit special this man...
Jack will be part of both our PS & PC Roster. He qualified for this year's F1 Esports Challengers Series on PS

Istvan Tarkany "Pisti"

X BOX driver

Istvan will be part of the Xbox Roster, but he will also be a driver coach and an race engineer.
Istvan is surprising the entire F1 Esports-world with his skills

Oscar Syrén

X BOX driver
Oscar will join our Xbox roster, he has a lot of potential and currently competes in WOR Console Tier 2

Jack Lanning

X BOX driver
Jack will join our Xbox roster. He currently competes in WOR Con. T2, looking to join the title fight soon with
2 wins in 4 races

Toby Brookes

X BOX driver
Toby will be part of our XBOX Roster. He will compete in the F1 Esports Challengers Series on XBOX this year

Pascal Senkbeil
X BOX driver

Pascal is a great driver with a lot of skill and experience, and he will join our XBOX roster!

Miko Hautajoki

Welcome to the Team, Miko.
We can`t wait to work with you.
2021&2022 F1 Esports Challengers 2022 F1 Esports Pro Exhibition

The "creative" one

Julian is an accomplished and talented graphic designer, who we are brought on board to bring new and exciting content for the team! Glad to have him on board!
almost every graphic is from his pen - he manages all the tweets on @parnell_racing

Tyler Manning
Poster Designer

Very excited to have Tyler with us in the team. The posters he makes are outstanding

our engineer

16 years old...a newcomer for parnellracing...yippiiiii
thx for joining us and your incredible help !!!!

our 2. engineer

your talent is insane...
thx for joining us and your incredible help !!!!

...and so much more