what are these awards and how do they come about

WOR: in the addition to Esports Formula 1 Pro series, this is one of the largest gaming leagues out there, and features a series of tiers, or levels. They are: 
Tier 1:
the top 20 drivers
Tier 2:
20 to 40
Tier 3:
....and so on
: just like WOR, PSGL is one of the biggest gaming leagues out there
Challengers from F1 Esports: From September, drivers aged 16 and over fight it out in the so-called Challengers events - a highlight of the year. Just as in the World Champion Esports Formula 1 Pro series, this is fought over 12 tracks. The top six drivers in the final ranking qualified themselves to get picked by the big F1 Esports teams.
DHL time trial: Watch out for the DHL time trials on their home page between December and March. The fastest lap drivers will be invited to a second event and the top 3 get noticed (and often selected) by the big F1 Esport teams. With the DHL time trial you can bypass the F1 Esports Challengers.

Tom Manley Xbox Driver F1- now on PC

Victory machine

Tom, hat dieses Jahr die Challengers series auf Xbox 2022 gewonnen .
Mit einem enormen Abstand auf den Zweiten...
Tom ist definitiv ein Riesentalent und hat sehr gute Chancen, von den großen Esports-Teams beobachtet zu werden. Wir wünschen Tom alles Gute und werden ihn weiterhin unterstützen
" 12 Races 11 Podiums 9 Poles 9 Wins 3 Fastest Laps 274 Points Challengers went okay this year ..." LOL
He has also won the WOR Championship 2022
Tom has now switched to pc

Jack Laverty PC Driver F1

Young and ambitious

Jack only recently switched from Playstation to PC and is adapting fast. The game reacts differently, reactions and braking points must be adapted. Last year Jack finished 1st in a PSGL race - not everyone in today's world class top 10 has done that. That really shows his potential. With continuous support from us he will certainly progress quickly.

Sam McBride PC Driver F1

It's getting serious

Even Sam is not 16 years old yet - so he is also warming up in the leagues, such as PSGL. Sam won 6th place in Monaco PSGL Top tier race on PC. As soon as he turns 16 he will apply for the F1 Esports Challengers.
Sam too needs support and guidance on his way to fame - we will continue to support him.

Jack West PC Driver F1

Fighting forward

Jack is fighting his way through the WOR League to develop nerves of steel, stamina and fighting spirit.
He is one of 4 Pc drivers who can further improve with our vital coaching.

PSGL Season 30 PCF3 champion

"Happy to be joining the team. Can’t wait to get started on the new game Thank you @liamparnell02
for the opportunity"
At 15 one of the youngest in the team

Noah Clark Graphics

The Graphic piñata

Noah is a freelance Graphic Designer with extraordinary talents. It's hard enough these days, but the Covid pandemic has lost customers too. We support him so he can continue to create such meaningful and beautiful graphics.

The "new" one

Julian is an accomplished and talented graphic designer, who we are bringing on board to bring new and exciting content for the team! Glad to have him on board!


graphics and photographer...and so much more

and anotherone


...and so much more

Here is the voice and eye for our drivers out on track. 

@Boltzxzx and


  a great Engineer - Team with the experience and insight to allow our drivers to focus on what they do best

Jordan Jones Engineer F1

Insight and reliablility

Our guys in engineering partley come from a team that disbanded in 2021 and we are incredibly proud they brought their years of expertise to us. They develop strategies, evaluate tyre usage, weather, ambient and track temperature, etc.. They pass these values ​​and instructions to our drivers in the race. The big leagues like PSGL and WOR serve me personally as a strategic training ground for the upcoming F1 Esports Pro series.


16 years old...a newcomer for parnellracing...yippiiiii
thx for joining us