We are often asked

how do you recruit drivers? 
How can one ride with you and
be supported

and how are the drivers

here are the answers:

We normally approach drivers after watching them perform in leagues like PSGL for example - so step 1 is: signing up to the PSGL league
that's where you gain experience with F1 Esports 
 test your skills, you'll be among the top 20 
at some point...
then we observe the new drivers - see their 
and get in touch via Twitter. 
It is advisable to have a 
Twitter channel
Achievements should also be regularly uploaded to your account 
- maybe you also have your own YouTube channel?-
   we try to keep the amount of team drivers low so we have enough time to help all of our drivers get closer to their potential.
there are still places available for the Xbox -
BUT: we are also keeping an eye out for the leagues here.
we are NOT a driver's school
  we recruit talented people and encourage 
them - later release
them as attractive drivers for the big racing teams.
so...step 2 is:
Use everything you have! Be diligent and always ambitious - 

you will spend a lot of time driving and practicing. 

Be aware of this ! Your school performance must not 
suffer because of this sport!
You have to keep yourself fit, eat well and also invest 
in some equipment.

when you're ready, we'll see you and get in touch.
Don't give up, keep following us, watch the driver videos, 
learn and keep up to date on our pages.
we would be happy to welcome a new talent .
Questions ?


we support with now how, we are always 
we help in the set up and with
other in the interpersonal.
We form teams!
Furthermore, we also try to get the best out
the hardware so that our drivers always
a consistently high standard
How can you support us ?

good luck everyone !