new 2.manager

" Excited to work with you Leo, the past couple of days of working together were already amazing so looking forward to the future"

many requests mean: more help needed

I’m delighted to announce I will be joining @Parnell_Racing
as their F1 Manager. A huge opportunity to put myself and the team on display and am super happy with the opportunity that @liamparnell02
has given me.

Behind the scenes



Julian is an accomplished and talented graphic designer, who we are bringing on board to bring new and exciting content for the team!

Parnell Racing: the PR, the banners 
and many graphics are from his pen 
he also manages the socials so he
make sure we have all Tweets
prepared in time


Poster Designer

Parnell Racing welcomes Tyler Manning! Tyler is a very talented poster designer, as seen in our PSGLxWOR tweet! The whole team is looking forward to working with you Tyler!



thank you Bryn for always standing by our side
- your technical understanding is terrific

"i will learn...and i will give..."



an engineer you wish for - perfect!

Harry the new Team photographer

This is what Julian says about him:"Super excited to welcome @HRYmedia
to @Parnell_Racing
as the F1 22 team photographer!  Harry is a great addition to the our graphics/marketing side, can't wait to see what he can produce together with @Any0Fungus
and myself!"