Helping with vital equipment for Esport F1 drivers

Just like in real motorsport you need money if you want to be able to fight against the best. Equipment like Wheels, Sim Rigs, Monitors and Pc’s are expensive and not everyone is able to afford it especially for our drivers who are still in school and can’t work yet. So if you want to help out our drivers with equipment or Money and therefore give them a better chance to make it to the top then feel free to use the paypal link below.
Any help is much appreciated.

For everyone who is now wondering why the team constantly needs new equipment: the brake pedals wear out after a year - new F1 games are released every year, Consoles and Controllers, as well as the Headphones only last a very few years due to constant use. The Monitor lasts a little longer - about 2-3 years, then it starts to flicker. The Pc`s currently in use are also used for school and other things and are years old - they don't have the performance or durability that we need today. Our drivers can't bring themselves up to date - they've already brought themselves here with their equipment.

Thank you to make it possible

Donate with PayPal

If you scan the QR code you will be automatically linked to our PayPal donation page.

Donate with QR Code invoice

please scan the QR code and
put in an amount - please tell us the name that may benefit from your donation - then open your online banking - record a new QR code payment

Would you like to give your favourite driver technical equipment instead of a sum of money?

Please contact us to coordinate which driver needs which equipment

Please note: PayPal charges fees for each transaction, and postage costs can apply when donating hardware. Goods are ordered from our partners and sent directly to the boys - but we will advise you of the costs before the donation, so there will be no surprises.

If the drivers have received everything they need through your 
donations, we will indicate this on the respective driver's page.
Then further amounts of money can be donated - we would like to
donate these to regional Swiss aid organizations e.g. children,
victims, animals etc 
Have a question? Please ask away

Our generous sponsors:

All donors may keep their identities anonymous.
Subject to your consent, you will receive details of the gift and a thank you from the driver.
Where specific sums are involved, we don't want to publish details - everyone should feel free to give a little or a lot, to nurture the talent of tomorrow.
Your donation will help our young enterprising members achieve more than they could ever have done in isolation. It will propel their careers in Esports - accompanied and supported by us, free of charge - and carry these  experiences throughout their lives.